Atelier NA

Photography - Art Direction - Retouching - Production

Parisian brand Atelier NA, known in France for it’s exceptional cabine 3D, an innovative way to take measures for a well design made-to-measure suit, commission Rodrigo Ríze for this campaign editorial shoot.

With a collaboration with the elegant Hotel Boutet located in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. An old chocolate factory with a remaining structure of the initial architecture, highlighting it’s beautiful stair case that goes from the very top to the RDC, that guests can see from the very first instance of getting in the building.

Definitely an outstanding architectural piece that served as the scenario for this campaign. A campaign editorial that embodies the modernity and the dinamism of a man that wears the suits of Atelier NA. 

Photography, art direction and retouching by Rodrigo Ríze
Assistant: Leo Boutry
Models: Clément Renaut & Hassen Alzial
Makeup & Hair by Rocio Roldan
Thanks to the Hotel Boutet Paris Bastille

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