subtilement brutal

Photography and art direction by Rodrigo Ríze
In the photographs: Ronan Poder @ M Management, Aradj Sissoko @ IMG Models, Lucas Serras @ M Management & Baptiste Mazi @ Garçons by Gervais
Makeup by Rocio Roldan
Selected press: Skin Magazine

The influence for Subtilement brutal comes from the experience of living in a different culture than in France.

In some cultures, from childhood, the education is divided between what is right for men or women, from how to look and behave to how to think and feel despite the fact that masculinity and femininity are social constructions that change over time and yet imposed on us to such an extent that there is no choice but to adapt or live surrounded by prejudice. Whereas in France, that line of separation is more blended between them. Being open about your feelings, being able to explore yourself, being able to be vulnerable does not take away your masculinity, it does not make you less of a man, it makes you more human.

Subtilement brutal represents the exploration between the predetermined concepts of masculine and feminine: the robustness, abruptness, vulnerability, and delicacy that a man may be able to understand and externalise in order to be fully free.

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